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STORY OF THE MOTH; Inspired by Jose Rizal’s original

“Be watchful! Do not go very close to the light. You might hurt yourself”, said Mirhana, Gilromi’s mother. Mirhana was a beautiful, robust moth with enormous fan wings. During winter months, she used to wrap little Gilromi under her wing blanket. She had soft & shiny, brown hair around her neck. She sat not too distant from Gilromi, relishing the sight of him fluttering around the lamp innocently. She had to warn him although. There was danger near the lamp. The heat above the light could damage his wings, even worse.

Gilromi, the little moth was flapping around a bright ignited lamp since long. Miffed by and fascinated to the light coming from it, he would sway in the same course as the wick was moving due to the nimble night breeze. The wind had a whiff of jasmine and Gilromi was all playful. It amazed him to no amount, how everything was so pure around the lamp. He could even see the veins on its little wings.

For Mirhana, life is good and satisfying watching Gilromi grow. Teaching him to drink the nectar of the flowers in spring, eat petals in summers, feed on pollens in the autumn and eat moist tree saps in winters. After warning him, Mirhana sat still, engulfed in these thoughts when she felt a slimy pat on her back. Within fractions of a second, Mirhana was gone. The lizard on the wall was hungry.

Gilromi had not comprehended this. Upon not finding his mother on the spot she was perching, he flew off from the vicinity of the burning lamp to find her. Life in all its glory or in all its dreary, is fair and unfair both. For Gilromi, life wins!! 20150430_172721 (2)20150430_17263520150430_172322SFgirl-9022

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