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In the Lincoln county of Newport, past the West Bull ranches of Ivytown had little Manolo’s dream brewing in a white country house surrounded by alpine trees. Manolo lived with his single mother, Gennine and their dog, Memphis.  Gennine had a small novelty store and an inherited business of apothecary. Seasonally she was a florist too. Manolo helped Gennine in the labelling of the small jars of essential oils, soy candles, room scents and body scrubs. He would also help her with dispatch and courier.

A creative personality right from the childhood, Manolo was very observant of his mother. Gennine was a woman of impeccable taste in clothes and trinkets. She had a fine choice in incenses, living and décor. In actuality, Gennine was Manolo’s greatest inspiration. She had also been very supportive of him. So at 22, when Manolo mentioned about pursuing makeup and styling as a profession, she was more than elated.

Manolo had always been very allusive when Gennine used to get ready for Sunday Mass or distinct occasions. He would give his opinion on the whole kit and caboodle including lip colour, print of the scarf and style of the purse. Clearly she wasn’t flabbergasted by his choice of occupation. Manolo had some stints here and there including the makeup of his best friend, Abigail who married her high school love at the age of 19. The young bride had but little means for her D-Day and she put all her trust in Manolo’s hands to get ready for her small wedding ceremony at the Calvary Baptist Church nearby.

At the age of 24 after concluding community college, Manolo left Oregon and arrived in Los Angeles, California to join as a part time assistant in a counselling service firm. This job was just a feeder to his ambition of becoming a makeup artist. Soon after he joined an ad agency to assist in the photo shoots and also doubled up as the green room manager. His journey had just started. Today, at 34 he reminiscences his journey of sprouting as the most sought after dramatic makeup artist for the most coveted broad way shows across California and Nevada.

Ladies and Gents, with a worthwhile life story of metamorphosis …. Meet Mr Manolo Bangochea aka MANNY MUA !!





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