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CITY SCAPES; Life in Dubai

“Dubai, my friend is a city of grandeur. One just cannot be there and escape the indulgences.” – said a visitor back from his honeymoon in this city. I have a plethora of descriptions for this city although. Dubai just doesn’t end here. The more I visit its nook and corner, the more facets it discloses to me. There is no probable point where I start describing the city and this one right here is not an introduction to Dubai. I start randomly, and the thoughts are as random.

But wherever you go there is one thing that will always overshadow you; the towers. A series of myriad box towers, overshadowing and standing close by each other look like an army of Techtronic glass scalded, metal frame ninjas. The robotic gigantic cases made to encase & protect the humans inside them. Oh yes! Protect them from the sand, the heat, the storms and the rare rain. Thinking this and much more, I was out today in soft sun by the banks of Marina. Here by parked are many private and public yachts in all their swank and glory.





downtown_dubai_widescreen-wide“The worst part of having breakfast with you out in the open is that you sit quietly and stare into emptiness with an emotion on your face that is too complicated to decipher” , he said with undertones and sly sarcasm careful enough not to provoke my wrath.

I sat there savouring the overwhelming surroundings. Trying to put myself reasonably amidst these mega structures and also figuring out the extent of modification that the human habitat has undergone. And so has the food . I can absolutely not resist this plate that has arrived. The menu card of Carluccio’s read hollandaise sauce and though I cannot pronounce it, it is a mouthful of delight. So by looking at the plate he has realized that I would be quite for another 15 minutes. Moaning and chuckling the word “yummy”, does not count as conversation.  But that’s okay. Not all months are meant for eating out in the open here. The sun is not so kind from March to October. Well, wait! That was an understatement. The sun is perilous in these months. It will make your blood evaporate from under your skin.

Winter months are pleasant, specially the mornings. Arabia is alive and outdoor during winters. Soaking and basking in whatever nature has to offer; abundance of flowers, breezy weather and cool blue Ocean. There is such a great vibe to the atmosphere. During the day, the city shines like a field of bismuth. Reflecting an array of light and colours, the facades shine bright. And when the sun sets, everything sparkles like a colony of stars… moving, stopping and blinking. Unlike any other, Dubai is a mixture of spirits from around the world. It’s a cocktail. Well, sort of because a trip down the downtown on a Saturday evening may completely look different from a trip down the downtown on the next Saturday evening.

It has a fluid, ever-changing character. It is Azul one day and the other day it is a Verde. And probably that is the beauty of it. The face of this city changes constantly as every season a flock of people arrive and the other flock goes back to their homelands. Bringing along and taking away with them so many cultures and flavours.  Yes, it is a people’s city and the only thing that remains constant is its cityscapes. The tall skyscrapers are the epitome of human life in all diversity and the human imagination to the heights of creativity.

And so my dear seasonal moustache man, to breathe in all of this I sit quietly on my breakfast table having my smoked salmon and eggs, gazing at the glass scalded, metal framed ninjas.


On my plate is Dubai’s famous; Breakfast at Carluccio’s

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